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The entertainer Miley Cyrus penned a beautiful birthday note for her younger sibling Noah Cyrus

Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus and sister Noah Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus and sister Noah Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus paid a heartfelt birthday tribute to her sister Noah Cyrus this week. The 28-year-old superstar shared two adorable throwback photos on Friday, January 8, capturing her at a young age cradling her baby sister.

“Happy birthday to an icon living @noahcyrus ☠️ I love you baby sister turned big sister,” she wrote in the caption. “The day you were born I never knew that one day the roles would be reversed and you would be the one taking care of me.”

Miley Cyrus went on to explain that her 21-year-old sibling has been a true rock during this difficult time. “You were such a rockstar thru the experience of losing Mary Jane,” she continued.

“I couldn’t have gotten here without you.” The star recently opened up about  losing her beloved pit bull mix Mary Jane  who she considered her “best friend in the entire world.” Clearly Noah Cyrus shares similar qualities to Mary Jane.

In her birthday homage, Miley Cyrus added: “You lead me to making the hard but right decisions. You’ll have many more of those choices in your own life & I am here for you every step of the way. ✝️ love you always.”

In true Miley Cyrus fashion, she ended with a funny and true button: “Happy 21st. Don’t get near as drunk as I did �� I practically missed my own party cause I spent the night over the�� �� ��.”

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