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Mariah Carey: How much money do you charge for your All want for Christmas is you theme?

The Christmas classic was written in 1992 and has brought millions in profits to the American diva.

Mariah Carey.
Mariah Carey.

American singer Mariah Carey has the perfect formula to unseat Halloween celebrations to welcome Christmas. How do you do that? Since 1992 he has won one of the most popular classics in the world: All want for Christmas. With the passage of time, it does not lose validity and each time it makes the diva earn millions of dollars.  

All I want for Christmas is you, since 1992, the best-selling and most listened to carol in the music industry. And this includes reproductions on digital platforms. But the only song that dethroned him from #1 has been Bill Crosby's White Christmas, the iconic Christmas musical. Otherwise, Mariah Carey is the queen of the holidays.  

It is noted that, on the YouTube platform, the song All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey has more than 697 million views. On the other hand, according to the website of The Economist, the carol has been so successful on the planet that it has brought him more than 60 million dollars in profits ... only in the United States! And the numbers are rising.  

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To be more concised, each year Mariah Carey earns more than $2 million from sales and reproductions of the All I want for Christmas is you. The Independent reported that in the United Kingdom revenues exceed one million pounds.    

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