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Matthew Perry: Why he doesn't remember acting in Friends as Chandler Bing

Discover here the secret of Matthew Perry that 'Friends' does not want you to know!

Matthew Perry has very bad memory
Matthew Perry has very bad memory

Without going any further, Matthew Perry, mythical Chandler Bing, has recognized on several occasions that he does not remember at least three seasons of the series (from 3 to 6). Selective amnesia? Something like that.

The actor was sincere in an interview with People (although he had already done it on other occasions) and recognized the reasons why this happened to him. Reasons that also explain his sudden changes in weight from one season to another: drugs and alcohol.

Matthew Perry in Friends

The actor also revealed to People magazine the moment he was hooked on vicodin (a powerful pain reliever whose addictive capacity caused the DEA to include it on its list of “controlled substances” in 2014). 

Actor Matthew Perry, now 51 years old, said that it all started in 1997, after an accident with a jet ski. The pain he suffered was so acute that he was prescribed vicodin to alleviate it. That’s how his addictions began.

Matthew Perry

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