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Megan Fox was a Giant Banana, Brad Pitt was a Crazy Chicken and more celebrities with the weirdest jobs before acting

Por Lucía Murphy

06/05/2021, 01:41 PM

Megan Fox was a Giant Banana, Brad Pitt was a Crazy Chicken and more celebrities with the weirdest jobs before acting

Find out here which were the first (rare) jobs of the celebrities before reaching fame in Hollywood!

Megan Fox: Giant Banana

In her youth, Megan Fox worked as a giant banana. She would put on her suit on duty and go along the road to promote a smoothie shop. In the end, it is acting too!


Brad Pitt: The Crazy Chicken

Remember those commercial men who dress up in the most attractive clothes to get clients for their businesses? Well, that's what Brad Pitt did before he was a movie actor. Get into his chicken suit and advertise each and every offer at the fast food joint where he worked.


Jennifer Aniston: Telemarketer

Yes, the Friends’ actress was one of those who ask: How could I help you? with a machine voice when you pick up the phone. But she admitted she wasn’t very happy, because according to her own statement, she did not last two weeks in her first job. Poor Jenn!


Kim Kardashian: Assistant to Paris Hilton

It turns out that Paris Hilton had a personal assistant who also held her bag when they went shopping that combed her hair before making an appearance at a public event. And she was, neither more nor less, than a young Kim Kardashian!


Matthew McConaughey: Poop Scooper

Before dedicating himself to the cinema, he was in charge of collecting chicken droppings in the factory where he worked. A not at all glamorous task that made him think that his job was not that profession and that he was putting himself in the shoes of others.


Eva Mendes: Hot Dogs

The explosive latina actress Eva Mendes spent her early years in Hollywood serving hot dogs at the Glendale Galleria.


Meghan Markle: Wedding Invitations

The newly released royal, she taught calligraphy, gift wrapping and bookbinding classes. She also wrote wedding invitations. Among others, she wrote that of Paula Patton and Robin Thicke in 2005.


Rachel McAdams: McDonald's

Who would have said that the protagonist of one of the most relevant romantic films in history, she went through McDonald's before rising to fame.


Taylor Swift: Christmas Tree Seller

Before becoming a truly successful singer, young Taylor made a little money selling Christmas trees. She did it in Pennsylvania, when she was just a child and while she sang her first songs when she had the odd free space.