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Meghan Markle: What does her first boyfriend think about her success with Prince Harry

Find out here who Joshua Silverstein is, Meghan Markle's first love since elementary school.

Meghan Markle's first love is Joshua Silverstein
Meghan Markle's first love is Joshua Silverstein

Meghan Markle’s first known boyfriend is actor and producer Joshua Silverstein has made a surprising television appearance on the British program 'Lorraine' to reflect on the brilliant career of his ex, the former actress and now Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry.

Likewise, Silverstein has revealed that he always thought that the 39 year-old interpreter was destined to make a difference in the world, either through her profession or, as has finally happened, with her social conscience and her jobs as activist.

Joshua Silverstein, Meghan Markle's first boyfriend

"I always thought that Meghan would do great things, even when she was only 13 years old. She has been very clear about the path she wanted to follow and has worked hard for it," he explained during his talk for the ITV channel program.

As if that weren't enough, Joshua Silverstein has confessed that one of the things that attracted him the most about Meghan during their time together was the "confidence" in herself. "She was always a strong and confident young woman," he pointed out.

Meghan Markle

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