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Meghan McCain: Reveals Will Smith Is Her Celebrity Crush After New, Viral Shirtless Pic

When it comes to hot celebs, there’s no one better than Will Smith for Meghan McCain. During a discussion about body positivity and his viral pic, Meghan said Will could still get with her at any size. Watch it here!

Meghan McCain confesses Will Smith is her celebrity crush
Meghan McCain confesses Will Smith is her celebrity crush

Meghan McCain will not be deterred even if Will Smith believes that he’s in the “worst shape of his life.” The View co-host, 36, declared during the May 6 episode that the Fresh Prince icon is her ultimate celebrity crush — and that he can still “get it” despite his weight gain. Kudos to Meghan for being both honest and correct.

The co-hosts were discussing Will Smith’s viral Instagram post, in which he showed off a changed physique while wearing tiny shorts in a shirtless pic. Fans loved that he was keeping it real and showing what tons of people have experienced during over a year of COVID lockdown.

Meghan McCain gushed over Will Smith's photo

Will Smith followed it up in a subsequent post by saying that he’s ready to shed the pounds. “I love Will Smith, and not to be crass but he can get it anytime he wants,” Meghan McCain told her co-hosts, to laughs.

“He is my longtime crush since I was 12 and I don’t care what his body looks like. I mean, I think he looks great there, too, so whatever.” But, she’s sick of the pressure than causes even high-profile stars like the Hitch actor to feel like they need to shed pounds.

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