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Natalia Bryant: Kobe Bryant's eldest daughter breaks everyone's hearts remembering her sister Gigi's 15th birthday

This is how Natalia Bryant congratulated her sister Gigi on what would have been her 15th birthday.

Natalia Bryant and her family remember Gigi's 15th birthday
Natalia Bryant and her family remember Gigi's 15th birthday

On a day as difficult for her as today, Natalia Bryant decided to share a memory with Gigi when they were both little and did not imagine the tragedy that years later would change her family forever. 

Shortly after Vanessa Bryant paid tribute to her daughter Gianna, it was Kobe Bryant's first born's turn to celebrate the living memory of her sister Gianna from her on the day she would have turned fifteen.

Natalia Bryant on social media with her sister Gigi

Gigi, who was affectionately called at her home, died with her father when the basketball idol flew with her by helicopter to a game near Calabasas, California. Natalia Bryant not only lost her father, but also her first sister, her best friend and her partner in adventures.

"Happy 15th Birthday Gigi", she wrote on social media. "I love you to the moon and back." "So sweet ..." their mother, Vanessa Bryant, answered under the photo. "You and Gigi in Capri, Italy. Happy birthday Gigi. Mommy loves you to the moon and back, infinity plus 1," she wrote adding a heart.

Natalia Bryant

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