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Netflix will cause a stir with the series it has prepared about Britney Spears

The streaming platform has prepared a real novelty.

Britney Spears.
Britney Spears.

This September 28 millions of users will be waiting for the premiere of the Britney Spears series where details will be given of the ordeal she had to go through in recent years and how she did to end up overcoming the manipulation of her father, Jamie. From Netflix they already anticipate that it will be a real revolution and that it will be among the most watched content. 

From what transpired, this material will allow us to understand more accurately how it was that the Princess of Pop came under the domination of her father and was completely relegated from the decisions that had a direct relationship with her life. Although now after many days and turns, the artist has freed herself, the brands are still more valid than ever. 

What was confirmed is that Britney Spears will not be part of the documentary, that is, she will not be seen acting, because there are still judicial issues to be resolved, however, from her environment they have collaborated a lot to give their version of the facts and the extreme submission to which the artist was subjected. Although those times are long gone, the bad experiences were shaped in the exact material to build this documentary. 

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As for the present of the artist we must say that she is much better and with marriage plans, since her boyfriend asked her to go through the altar and she accepted without hesitation. Although they have been together for several years, the impossibility of making decisions because of their father, made this marriage postponed until now. At the moment there is no date but both the singer and her fans are happy with this novelty.

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