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Olivia Rodrigo: Gives The Best Performance Of Her Life Of ‘Drivers License’ At The 2021 BRIT Awards

Olivia Rodrigo made her first appearance at the 2021 BRIT Awards hitting the red carpet before delivering her highly-anticipated debut UK performance. Check her beautiful outfits here!

Olivia Rodrigo killed at the 2021 BRIT Awards
Olivia Rodrigo killed at the 2021 BRIT Awards

Olivia Rodrigo shined during the 2021 BRIT Awards on Tuesday. After the 18-year-old singer kicked off the year with her well known hit, “Drivers License,” it was safe to say that hers was going to be the most anticipated performance of the night. 

However, before she could sing in front of a U.K. crowd for the first time in her life, she needed to strut down the red carpet – and she did! She brought some flavor to the red carpet with her bright, lime-green outfit and sharp black pumps.

Olivia Rodrigo at the BRITS red carpet

It was a youthful and classy look, one that captured the current vibe of the moment. She wore her hair loose, and her makeup was on point. Later in the evening, Olivia Rodrigo changed into a red outfit, one both sheer and glittery, for an emotional performance of “Drivers License.”

As she sang those heartfelt lyrics, they were projected above her, her thoughts made real. Butterflies formed and disappeared back into the ether with each high note. It was as flawless and powerful as anticipated. Which outfit do you think suited her better?

Olivia Rodrigo

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