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Pamela Anderson and the strange explanation of why she doesn't use social media

The famous actress told the reason why she made this drastic decision.

Pamela Anderson.
Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson is still one of the most prominent figures in Hollywood since her works, especially that of the 90s, have caused her to get millions of fans around the world. Like any figure in the artistic environment, his landing on social networks, translated into millions of followers.  

However, his fans were able to enjoy the follow-up of his day to day for a very short time and this is because he decided to leave his Twitter, Facebook and Twitter account. When she had to explain the reasons, she did not mince words and maintained that she wanted to dedicate herself to being with herself, connecting with nature and reading her favorite books. 

But that was not all, because Pamela Anderson also left a warning to the users who followed her and asked them not to be manipulated. In his opinion, the creation of these platforms is nothing more than a way to get information from people and in that way, disrupt their will. For this reason, Anderson asked them not to allow it. 

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The most important detail of this is that while Pamela Anderson does not agree with the handling of social networks, the more than a million followers she had, remain there since she did not close the accounts. One more example of the loyalty that his audience gives him for so many years of joys and laughter. She, for her part, shows them her love by trying to take care of them from the new technological world. 

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Video taken from the Daily Blast LIVE channel.

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