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Paris Hilton announced that she will be a mother, but added a surprise to the incredible news

The billionaire is having the best time of her life and can't help but show her happiness.

Paris Hilton.
Paris Hilton.

Until a few years ago, Paris Hilton was pigeonholed as a frivolous millionaire, who just liked to show off her acquisitions and bring out her eccentricities. However, from one moment to another, that image began to change and now she is a completely different woman who all she wants is to dedicate herself to her husband and to grow her little big family. 

For a few weeks, it had been rumored that the 40-year-old influencer was pregnant, but until the right moment came, she did not want to confirm it. That was how in the last hours, Paris Hilton spoke on the subject and left everyone moved. The businesswoman announced that she will give birth to twins and revealed part of her motherhood process. 

Recall that in February, Paris Hilton announced her engagement to Carter Reum and stated that she was very much in love. Although she was already disappointed and did not expect a love to appear in her life again, once this happened, she did not want to let it go and now they cannot help but show their fantastic relationship. Without going any further, their Instagram accounts were shown as witnesses of this union that does not stop growing. 

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The announcement was made on her 40th birthday and that generated a wave of comments. From the surroundings of Hilton, they affirm that she is very changed, with her feet on the ground and very distant from that woman without feelings and only governed by greed; Now she only thinks of her own, the babies that are coming and of being very happy with this new opportunity that life gave her to be a different woman. 

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