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Paris Hilton opened her heart and left this message for her first month of marriage

The millionaire and media decided to tell unexpected details about her marriage.

Paris Hilton wedding.
Paris Hilton wedding.

If there's one thing anyone expected from Paris Hilton, it's that she could settle down and become a woman focused on a marriage. For years, he gave him to talk to the media about his controversial expenses, fights and romances, however, from one moment to the next he changed his outlook on life. 

The arrival of Carter Milliken Reum and the two years of relationship they knew how to establish until they reached the altar, made her lower her profile and wish for a quieter and smoother future. Now with a more on track life, the socialite posted some images on her Instagram account thanking her partner for so much love and dedication. 

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Paris Hilton uploaded an image of the wedding where they are seen very happy and revealed to her fans what it is like to be married. According to her words it is the best thing that has happened to her so far and this is because she has by her side a man who accompanies and supports her in every decision she makes. In addition, he mentioned that thanks to him he knew what is the security and warmth of the home. 

For his part, Carter Reum responded in the same tone and remarked the happiness that gives him to be able to share the future with her. While they continue to plan the arrival of their first child in the world, Hilton has become stepmother to a 9-year-old girl born of an affair between her husband and a model named Laura Bellizzi. Far from creating a rift in the marriage, it helped them to gain a foothold and enlarge the family. 

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Video taken from channel E! News.

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