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Paul Rudd: why he is the most beautiful man in the world 2021 according to People

People magazine awarded this prestigious title to the 52-year-old American actor and producer.

Paul Rudd.
Paul Rudd.

From now on, Paul Rudd will not only be recognized in the world as an American actor, screenwriter, producer. It will also carry the title as The sexiest man alive of this 2021, according to People magazine. The news was revealed on Wednesday and echoed in the specialized press.

It should be remembered that the prestigious People magazine has designated other celebrities under this title in times past. For example, heartthrobs of the stature such as Brad Pitt, Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba and George Clooney came out on the cover of the magazine as part of the most coveted Hollywood celebrities.

As part of the publication made by People magazine, it was said that the American actor Paul Rudd arrived at the age of 52 in the month of April. So he amazed the judges at how he looks through time. They even dared to say that he holds in his hands the fountain of eternal youth.  

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Other qualities for which Paul Rudd, interpreter of The Ant-Man (of the Marvel franchise) was recognized as The sexiest man in the world 2021, were for being self-critical, kind, hardworking and honest with those around him.

Video taken from ABC7 channel.

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