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Pink stands in solidarity with the Norwegian team at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The artist echoed the claim of the athletes and decided to take the lead in their fight.


The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games have been developing normally since July, but with some controversies that cannot be ignored. Among one of these situations, is the one that the beach handball players starred in for not wanting to wear a tiny suit that, in their opinion, objectifies them. One of the artists who repudiated this news was Pink

Although the public and on social networks, gave their full support to the players to use the clothing that makes them feel most comfortable; The same did not happen with the European Handball Federation, which fined them $ 1,768 for wearing shorts instead of bikinis. For this reason, the dispute for the bronze medal was completely clouded by the conflict and the dispute between one party and the other. 

Quickly, this situation went viral and traveled the world causing an unexpected reaction from the renowned singer Pink. Seeing what happened to the athletes, the singer did not hesitate for a second and said that she will take care of the debt they have since her claim seemed very wise. 

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On the other hand, Pink congratulated the young women for having stood up to a patriarchal system where their bodies are being objectified. For years, clothing has been a subject of dispute, especially because the suits are very different for men and women. However, that conflict seems to have come to an end and it became clear that the players are no longer going to remain silent in the face of injustices. 

Video taken from CBC News channel: The National.

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