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Prince Philip himself designed his own funeral and the Land Rover that will carry his coffin, here are all the details

The Duke’s ceremony will fall in line with his final wishes.

Prince Philip designed a custom Land Rover for his funeral
Prince Philip designed a custom Land Rover for his funeral

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral details have been revealed and they fall in line with his personal wishes. Prince Philip will be honored with a Ceremonial Royal Funeral, the same given for Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

His wife Queen Elizabeth II has already approved the plans, setting the funeral on Saturday, April 17 at 3pm in St George’s Chapel on the Windsor grounds. The royal family published the intricacies of the ceremony on their official website, unveiling a rather interesting tidbit about how Philip’s coffin will be transported.

Prince Philip designed his own Land Rover to carry his coffin

Prince Philip’s coffin is scheduled to be moved in a “purpose-built Land Rover.” The high-end British vehicle was custom made just to carry His Royal Highness in the funeral procession. 

In fact, Prince Philip was involved in the design to ensure it was exactly to his specifications. The Rover will roll from the State Entrance to St George’s for the service with military Pallbearers flanking both sides.

According to the royal site: “Members of the Royal Family and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Household will walk behind the coffin from the Quadrangle, down Chapel Hill and into Horseshoe Cloister. 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married for nearly 74 years

The Funeral Service will begin with a National Minute’s Silence at 1500hrs.” The funeral service aims to celebrate the Duke’s rich life, which includes over 70 years of service to the monarch and Commonwealth.

Due to the UK’s current COVID-19 restrictions, the guest list is limited to 30 people. Prince Philip’s wife Queen Elizabeth II will, of course, be in attendance alongside the rest of her royal family, except for Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife due to her pregnancy. 

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