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Princess Diana: Lady Di's old blue bicycle up for auction for more than $60k

The old bicycle that Princess Diana used before entering the British Crown was auctioned for a large sum of money. Discover it here!

Princess Diana's Blue Bicycle Fetches Up To $60k At Auction
Princess Diana's Blue Bicycle Fetches Up To $60k At Auction

The bicycle used by the late Princess Diana of Wales in the 1970s, a beautiful model designed by the prestigious Raleigh Traveler brand, has fetched a value of 44,000 pounds (more than 60,000 dollars) when it was auctioned this week by the house Burstow & Hewett, an institution based in Battle, in the English county of East Sussex.

The identity of the wealthy bidder who has been made with such a precious and historic piece is Barry Glazer, a lawyer from Maryland that emerged only a few minutes after the transaction was confirmed, since all the participants of the auction attended the online event.

Princess Diana's bicycle

According to those responsible for the initiative, the bicycle has far exceeded the amount, between 15,000 and 20,000 pounds, that had been estimated for it at first, to the point that it has been paid for it double than expected.

According to the description of the article, Lady Di used the bicycle to go every day to the nursery where she worked in the city of London, years before meeting Prince Charles of England, with whom she passed through the altar in 1981 and from whom he divorced in 1996, after bringing his two children, Princes William and Harry, into the world.

Once Princess Diana officially got into the royal family after the marriage was consummated, the aforementioned bicycle was discarded by the palace, considering that it was not "appropriate" for the daily life of the new princess of Wales.

Princess Diana

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