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Queen Elizabeth II's health shocks the world

The monarch canceled an event in which she was going to honor the fallen soldiers in the wars.

Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Elizabeth II.

As reported this Sunday, November 14, Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II presented health breakdowns which forced her to cancel an event scheduled for this weekend. The event in question would be held in London to honor the fallen in the wars. Since then, eyes have been on the lady, who has already canceled other events for not feeling in good health. 

Public opinion was expectant of Queen Elizabeth II's reaction to this event; one of the most emblematic of the official calendar. However, the Royal House confirmed that the monarch twisted her back and will not be able to attend the ceremony as planned. In addition, it would be his first public appearance after suspending other public events, but this time his attendance could not be specified either.

Within the statement of the Palace a press release was issued to make known what was the position of Queen Elizabeth II: "The Queen will not be able to attend the Sunday service of remembrance today at the Cenotaph." This is how he prayed part of the official information to calm the spirits of the citizens, who expected the presence of the 95-year-old leader.  

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On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Queen Elizabeth II was scheduled to attend the ceremony from the balcony of the Foreign Office in London. However, the doctors advised him to rest and that it was not convenient for him to travel in a vehicle because of the condition in which his back was after the injury. 

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Reference video taken from The Telegraph channel.

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