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Rachel Uchitel's been called a homewrecker and a hooker so it’s no surprise that Tiger Woods’ most famous mistress doesn’t like the ‘stigma’ of their romance.

Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods.

Even though she bore her soul to HBO about her affair with Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel still feels uncomfortable talking about their romance. The 45-year-old confesses that – more than 10 years after their relationship became front page news – it’s still “painful” for her to talk about the golfing legend.

She doesn’t even like to talk about it. It’s really uncomfortable for her. She doesn’t like the stigma of any of it. Rachel Uchitel has tried to get away from it, but people don’t let her get away from it. They want to shame her for it.

It’s no surprise that Rachel Uchitel looks like she wants to crawl out of her skin when pushed to talk about Tiger Woods. Her relationship with the GOAT changed her life forever when it became public knowledge in November 2009, as he was a golden boy with an image that couldn’t have been squeakier. Gorgeous wife. Two beautiful kids.

Then, on Thanksgiving night, a few weeks after the National Enquirer accused him and Rachel Uchitel of having an affair, he crashed his car near his Florida home after his then wife Elin Nordegren confronted his mistress over the phone.

The rest is tabloid history. For weeks woman after woman came forward alleging that they too had affairs with Tiger Woods. He publicly apologized, entered rehab for sex addiction and divorced his wife. Although his image was eventually rehabilitated, Rachel Uchitel says hers was not and she continues to be attacked in person and online for the affair.

Source: Hollywood Life

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