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Rachel Bilson And Melinda Clarke Deny Mischa Barton's Lies About The O.C. Set

After Mischa Barton said Rachel Bilson’s addition to ‘The O.C.’ accelerated her exit from the series, Rachel fired back and called Mischa’s claims ‘completely false.’ Learn more here!

Rachel Bilson denies Mischa Barton comments about her
Rachel Bilson denies Mischa Barton comments about her

The subject of Mischa Barton’s recent interview regarding her exit from The O.C. came up during the Tuesday (June 1) episode of Welcome to the O.C., Bitches!, the podcast hosted by her former co-stars, Melinda Clarke and Rachel Bilson.

Mischa Barton commented about experiencing “bullying” behind the scenes. Rachel, 39, responded to Mischa, 35, as she claimed that Bilson was promoted “last minute” to a regular cast member after the first season.

The cast of The O.C.

“That’s actually completely false and not what happened,” said Rachel Bilson. Meanwhile, Melinda Clarke, 52, said “That’s misinformation. Where are we going with this, and what is she trying to say? I would actually like to talk to her, and find out what her experience was, from her perspective. Because, I saw things a little differently.”

The two actresses played Julie Cooper and Summer Roberts, and were going to be made series regulars during The O.C. 's pilot. “The powers that be said ‘no, you’re going to have to wait. They’re going to have to be guest stars for a certain’ – for the first, eleven episodes…so, that was a little perplexing.”

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