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Robin Williams: His big gesture to prevent his co-star from being expelled from school

Robin Williams asked the school to reconsider the decision when they wanted to expel the young co-star. Learn more here!

Robin Williams defended a young co-star in 'Mrs. Doubfire'
Robin Williams defended a young co-star in 'Mrs. Doubfire'

Robin Williams, who was 6′ 0″ tall, reportedly wrote a letter on behalf of his young "Mrs. Doubtfire" co-star Lisa Jakub when her school wanted to drop her. Making the film was a dream come true for the then-14 year old, until her high school sent her a letter explaining it was "too difficult" to keep her on as a student.

"One day on set, I was very upset, because I had received this letter from my high school saying that it was too difficult for them to work long-distance with me and that I just shouldn't come back to high school," Lisa told Yahoo Entertainment.

"I had been working with an on-set tutor and sending my work back to the high school, but that just wasn't working for them anymore, so they just kinda broke up with me. I was really upset about that, and Robin, just being perceptive and kind hearted, reached out”

Lisa Jakub played the eldest sister

Apparently, he asked her “'Hey, what's going on?' I told him what happened, and he wrote a letter to my school asking them to please reconsider. Would they work with me in trying to balance my education and my career? And he didn't think that that was fair."

The high school's officials framed the letter, but Lisa Jakub did not return to school. "What I love about that story and what I love about Robin, it's just the fact that he would do that for someone, that he would go out of his way, that he would take the time to realise that this would be important," the former actress said.

"And even if it didn't work, somebody needed to stand up, and he did that for me. I don't know if he ever knew how massive that was and how much I felt like he was in my corner. And how much that really shifted things for me and made me think about, 'What is the impact I wanna make in the world?' "

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams died at 63 years old

She also shared that Robin Williams, who died in August 2014, was "very open and honest" with her about his issues with anxiety and depression.He died at age 63 by suicide at his home in Paradise Cay, California. His widow, Susan Schneider Williams, medical experts, and the autopsy attributed the suicide to his struggle with Lewy Body Disease.

 "I was able to share with him that anxiety was something that I struggled with, and he would talk to me about mental health issues in a way that 14 year olds aren't usually used to adults being really open about those sorts of personal experiences with them (sic)."

Lisa Jakub, who also co-starred in "Independence Day", stopped acting in 2000 and is now a mental wellness coach. "I lead workshops on mental wellness, on mindfulness, on ways to use yoga and meditation as tools for anxiety, depression," she said.

"And I feel like that is one of the ways I'm kind of paying forward some of the things that Robin taught me by being so open." Money doesn't buy everything. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robin Williams was worth about $50 million when he died, but he couldn’t buy true happiness.

His publicist, Mara Buxbaum, commented that he was suffering from severe depression before his death. His wife, Susan Schneider, said that in the period before his death, Robin Williams had been sober, but was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's disease.

Robin Williams and her wife Susan Schneider

An autopsy revealed that he had diffuse Lewy body dementia, which had been diagnosed as Parkinson's. This may have contributed to his depression. Before his death, Robin Williams starred in several critically and commercially successful films including The World According to Garp (1982), Moscow on the Hudson (1984), Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989), Awakenings (1990), The Fisher King (1991), Patch Adams (1998).

Also in One Hour Photo (2002), and World's Greatest Dad (2009). He also starred in box office successes such as Hook (1991), Aladdin (1992), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Jumanji (1995), The Birdcage (1996), Good Will Hunting (1997), and the Night at the Museum trilogy (2006–2014).

He was nominated for four Academy Awards, winning Best Supporting Actor for Good Will Hunting. He also received two Primetime Emmy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and five Grammy Awards.

Robin Williams

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