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Scott Disick invests in a lucrative business to make tough competition to the Kardashian clan

Scott Disick invests in a lucrative business to make tough competition to the Kardashian clan.

Scott Disick.
Scott Disick.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are the exact sample that an important relationship can be ended and done on excellent terms. Although the businessman and the socialite have three children in between, the divorce could be finalized in a neat and polite way. Although each one has formed a couple again and has different plans, this union full of respect and good intentions always prevails. 

But apparently, that peace could end as Scott Disick revealed, on social networks, some of his beauty tricks and this could directly affect the billionaire clan, as many learned from them. But that's not all, since now he has joined as a shareholder in a market that the Kardashians know very well.

It is the IN COMMON Beauty brand that sells products for all types of skin and hair textures. Let's remember that this last point is the one that characterizes Scott the most since he has a true obsession with showing different looks, with striking and controversial colors. Therefore, it became a true benchmark in this area. 

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According to what he himself said, he understands that men have considerably changed the way they take care of themselves and maintain their aesthetics, therefore, he feels an icon of this new era. Although she was always interested in cosmetic products, she had never felt the need to enter the business -until now-. Although the union took a long time to wait, now they promise to make history. 

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Video taken from channel E! News.

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