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Selena Gomez lifted Britney Spears' spirits with a fabulous gift

The singer did not forget the Princess of Pop, who is going through her worst moment.

Selena Gomez and Britney Spears
Selena Gomez and Britney Spears

The American singer Selena Gomez did surprise her followers with a fabulous gift that she sent to her colleague Britney Spears. This gift came at the right time when the Princess of Pop faces her peak due to the tutelage that her father Jamie Spears has exercised for 13 years. After several hearings, and awaiting a verdict from the United States court, the diva receives a load of support. 

Selena Gomez did not hesitate to show her solidarity with Britney Spears after this situation that she lives with her family, especially with her father Jamie Spears. So to cheer him up, Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend sent Spears a box with several of her products from her makeup line called Rare. In addition, he gave her a bikini that is also part of his new collection that he launched hand in hand with the La ’Mariette brand. 

Selana Gomez and Britney Spears.

Britney Spears was grateful to Selena Gomez and did not hesitate to post on her Instagram a postcard with the products she received. She also declared herself a fan of the makeup line of the Good For You interpreter, at the same time that she assured that she had been yearning for some products with sparkles for days and she got them. 

On the other hand, the diva Selena Gomez responded to the comment to Britney Spears, who thanked the gesture of Justin Timberlake's ex-partner for the post. It is important to say that other celebrities have also joined the list of those who have shown their support in this difficult journey. 

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