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Sharon Stone: Was nominated for an Oscar but had no money to buy a dress for this injustice

Sharon Stone couldn't afford or buy an Oscars dress after starring in 'Basic Instinct'. Find out more here!

Sharon Stone had no money at Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone had no money at Basic Instinct

After starring in the movie 'Basic Instinct' in 1992, Sharon Stone was left in a kind of "strange limbo" because she had become an unmistakable face for the general public, but she barely had any money.

This was due to being paid a fraction of the salary that his co-star Michael Douglas received, just for being a woman. A perfect example of the precarious situation she found herself in is that she couldn't even pay out of pocket for her outfit for the first Oscars she attended as a rising star.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

"I didn't get paid to do 'Basic Instinct.' I made a little money, but Michael took $14 million. I didn't make enough to buy my own dress to go to the Oscars the next year. I was suddenly famous, but I had no money," she revealed on the CBC program 'Q With Tom Power'.

Although Sharon Stone has never wanted to reveal exactly how much she charged, the figure has always been rumored to be around $ 500,000. In any case, it was not enough to hire a security device to protect her or buy a dress.

Sharon Stone

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