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Sophie Turner Reveals Why She And Maise Williams Became Best Friends On Game Of Thrones

Why are Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner such friends? Discover it here!

Sophie Turner and Maise Williams are the best friends
Sophie Turner and Maise Williams are the best friends

For eight years, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams played sisters Arya and Sansa Stark on 'Game of Thrones' and while the series is over, #Mophie remains. Almost all of us have seen a tweet or a photo that represents their strong union, but few have been those who have investigated further and even less those who know why they are such friends.

The 'GoT' audition was Williams' second. According to Marie Claire, Turner almost lost his life-changing hearing, until her drama teacher reminded him. Supposedly, it was the first audition that she didn't try very hard at. After the audition, Turner told Williams, 'Oh, you're so cute,' and Williams reminded her that she was only a year younger than her.

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Maisie Williams comes from a poor family. Her mother raised her and her three siblings alone. Instead, Sophie Turner comes from a good family. But they immediately bonded. The young actresses went home and told their respective mothers that they hoped the other would take the role.

They learned to be famous together, they even got the same tattoo: '07 .08.09 ', the day they officially got the papers and (unofficially) became sisters. Turner admitted to Glamor that they protect each other. She claimed to be sure that if something bad happened to her, her friend would go crazy and protect her.

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