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Jennifer Lopez is gearing up to perform at the inauguration of Joe Biden, and her fiance Alex Rodriguez couldn’t be more excited for her.

Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez and fiance Alex Rodriguez.
Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez and fiance Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez, 51, is set to take the stage at President-elect Joe Biden‘s inauguration — and her fiance Alex Rodriguez is so proud! A source close to the 45-year-old former Yankee revealed he still gets “starstruck” by the Hustlers actress. 

Even though Alex Rodriguez is engaged to Jennifer Lopez and spends almost all his free time with her, believe it or not, he still gets starstruck by her at times. Alex Rodriguez has had a huge crush on Jennifer Lopez for years before they even knew each other and sometimes he’s just in awe of what an incredible talent she really is.

The insider added that Alex Rodriguez couldn’t wait to see Jennifer Lopez take the stage during the Celebrating America special. It’s more than a concert or performance for her music, this is a moment in history that she’ll always be part of and he’s honored to be standing by her side throughout this journey.

A source close to Jennifer Lopez also dished on how she was feeling ahead of the historic performance. The full year for Jennifer Lopez is and has been humbling. She started with an amazing Super Bowl performance and then 2020 hit us all. 

She brought out fire for New Year’s Eve and now her performance for the inauguration puts such a cherry on top of a successful and trying year. She’s beyond proud of the moments she has shared and will share for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It’s a very special moment for her.

Source: Hollywood Life

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