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The 5 celebrities who made more money with their businesses than being famous

Many celebrities are not left alone with the artistic side and find another way to make money.

Kylie Jenner.
Kylie Jenner.

In the world of fame, there are personalities who do not take too long to become real celebrities and start amassing a real fortune. But there are others, who do not want to keep only the income generated by movies, series and advertisements, so they aim to have their own businesses.   

A clear example of this is Kylie Jenner, who came to fame for being part of a millionaire clan and being part of a reality show with her sisters, however, she went for more and opened her own line of cosmetics that leaves her considerable profits. In this same line is Rihanna, who is currently one of the richest women for her brand of lingerie and makeup. 

In this group is also George Clooney, who between 2017 and 2018, became the actor who reported the most profits, although he was not part of any production. The flow of his money was generated thanks to his brand of tequila Casamigos. Another heartthrob who responds to this same pattern is Brad Pitt who made several investments, such as ventures within the world of wine. However, his own production company is what has catapulted him as one of the wealthiest.  

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Gwyneth Paltrow is another of the most striking cases since for several years she has been away from the screens and has launched to exploit another facet of her career. Some time ago, he launched his Goop brand, which began as a newsletter and today includes a website, books, a magazine, online store and even physical stores with his fashion brand. He also holds conferences with tickets that have a value of 6 thousand dollars, for which, his fortune amounts to 148 million dollars.

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