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The Five Movies Tom Cruise Would Have Preferred Not to Make

The actor has many successes under his belt, but also some failures that he prefers not to talk about.

Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood and this is due to the large number of successful films he has starred in. However, in the life of this artist, not all are satisfactions and there is a long list of films that I would have preferred not to have participated in, since they were very poorly rated by the press and the public.  

If you had to make a list of the five less fortunate productions, without a doubt, there would be The Age of Rock where Cruise played a singer of the 80s, of the hair metal genre. The musical did not rise to the occasion and the actor looked very uncomfortable in his role. Secondly, we could also find The Mummy, a very unconvincing film, which did not know how to develop the suspense necessary to catch the spectators. 

In third location is Go to lose it and lose it, a production where Tom put himself in the shoes of a young hormonal teenager who was only looking to start in the world of adulthood. A job that was quickly forgotten and passed without pain or glory. Fourthly, there is a work very similar to the previous one and with the same youthful essence called Endless Love

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In the first position is the movie Legend, where Cruise tries to protect the last unicorn of Tim Curry, who is a devilish puppet. Although it was the only fantasy film he made, the actor realized that his career was not going that way and that if he continued to do work of this type he would end up losing his prestige. 

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