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The Real Reason Why Emma Stone Became an Actress

Discover here the unusual reason why Emma Stone chose to be an actress!

Emma Stone reveals why she's an actress
Emma Stone reveals why she's an actress

Emma Stone brought the iconic character of Cruella de Vil to life in the best live action Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has released to date - ‘Cruella’, in which she plays the most evil villain ever.

In a new interview to Quién magazine, Emma Stone opened up and revealed the true reason why she decided to become an actress. Let's not forget that she is one of the best of her generation! Proof of this are the Oscars, the BAFTAs, the SAG and the Golden Globe that she has won so far.

Emma Stone as Cruella

Does she feel nervous before 'getting into character'? Does she have any ritual to avoid pressure? Emma Stone revealed that it is precisely 'putting herself in someone else's shoes' and not thinking about anything else, other than that, is what helps her to forget her anxiety and the panic attacks she suffers since she’s seven years-old.

“They go (the nerves) while I do it (become her role). The more in the present I can be, the more they go,” Emma explained and then made her most honest confession of why she embraced this career: “That's why I wanted to be an actress, because I am naturally very anxious.”

Emma Stone

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