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The Truth About Tom Cruise's Physical Transformation: What Happened to Him?

The actor was shown with a very different appearance than usual.

Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise.

If there is something that Tom Cruise always enjoyed, beyond his incredible fame, it is being able to attend sporting events with his children. Several times he has been seen in the box of the Real Madrid stadium with his close friend, David Beckham; as well as in the last hours it was shown in a baseball game that generated a great impact. 

When he was spotted with his son Connor, 26, at San Francisco's Oracle Park, where the Giants' baseball team was facing the Los Angeles Dodgers, many were shocked for the worse. The news began to reverberate because of the possibility that the actor had undergone cosmetic surgery or something similar that caused a change in appearance. 

From one moment to the next, they began to compare him to Ricky Martin and Zac Efron since in recent weeks they had been questioned for the same reason. However, the Mission Impossible actor denies it again and again, although several colleagues of his have said that he has gone through the operating room and more than once. 

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Several specialists in the field indicate that the change in appearance is notorious and that this is because it wants to maintain a youthful appearance. The most complete proof is the skin on his neck that exhibits vertical lines and the skin is smoother, held behind one of his ears. The issue is more visible if you compare photos from long ago with the current ones, leaving it completely in evidence and collapsing its alibi. 

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Video taken from the Gym4u channel.

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