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The Weeknd: Explains the reasons why he will continue to boycott the Grammys despite the voting rule change

The Weeknd announced that having won Grammys in the past means nothing to him, and that he will continue to criticize and boycott the Awards even if they have changed a couple of rules. Learn more here!

The Weeknd will continue to boycott the Grammys despite the rule change
The Weeknd will continue to boycott the Grammys despite the rule change

The Weeknd says he won't submit his music to The Grammys, due to an ongoing lack of trust in the awards - despite a recent change to the voting rules. Last year, the star called organisers "corrupt" after his album After Hours failed to receive a single nomination.

The Weeknd has not been convinced by the announcement that the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will stop using 'secret committees' made up of record industry executives and experts to select Grammy nominees, and that instead they will allow all members to vote to elect this year's candidates.

The Weeknd when he won two Grammys back in 2018

The three-time Grammy winner continues to believe that the Grammy organization cannot be trusted and advises his recording partners not to interpret this change as a victory. "Trust has been broken for a very long time between the Grammy organization and the artists, and it would be unwise to raise a victory flag," he insisted in statements to Variety.

The 'Blinding Lights' interpreter had already criticized the annual awards ceremony after his album 'After Hours', which was extremely popular, was completely ignored in the list of nominations of the last edition, so later he vowed that he would never again submit any of his work for consideration by the Academy.

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