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The big step that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will take in their relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance is heating up to the point where the singer can’t wait to introduce the actor to her kids! Learn more here.

Jennifer Lopez wants Ben Affleck to meet her twins
Jennifer Lopez wants Ben Affleck to meet her twins

Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme, 13, are the most important people in the world to her. So it’s no wonder how important it would be for her to introduce Ben Affleck to them after the exes continue to explore their rekindled romance.

Although the meetup has yet to happen, sources close to the Hustlers star revealed how “excited” J.Lo is for Ben to meet her pride and joy, per HollywoodLife. “Jennifer’s excited for Ben to meet her kids, she’s so proud of them, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

Jennifer Lopez with twins Max and Emme

“She’s letting them set the pace,” a friend close to the Emmy nominee said. “She’s very tuned into them so as a mother she’ll know when they’re ready. For now she’s been focused on reconnecting with Ben and enjoying her time with him.”

A second source who is close to the Oscar winner said, “Ben and Jen are working on each other and once that perfects itself, then they want to add the kids to the situation. Right now they are just happy that they are able to invest another honeymoon phase into their relationship and they want to see where their feelings take them.”

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