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The disease that could end Justin Bieber's career

Justin Bieber cancels his tour due to health problems 

Justin Bieber smiling
Justin Bieber smiling

The situation has become difficult for Justin, after some recent publications on social networks, the Canadian singer talked about his feelings, he also talked a little about the discomfort he had earlier this year, touching on the subject of the disease and his facial paralysis.

Justin suffers from the rare disease Ramsay Hunt, which in the artist's words, has paralyzed half of his face on more than one occasion. After canceling the tour in the United States and trying to rest, Justin wanted to continue and give his best for his fans in Europe, but he could only give 6 more concerts before feeling sick again.

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At only 25 years old and with such a successful career, many fans and the general public are waiting for his recovery; doctors report that there could be an operation to correct some discomfort, although the risk of Justin's face becoming paralyzed is constant.

The risk of Justin not finishing his tour is a fear for his fans

Fans in Argentina camped out to buy tickets for Justin's concert, which unfortunately was cancelled after the artist's discomfort. Many fans were upset but many more were sympathetic and alerted by the statement given by the artist in networks. Here is the statement given by the artist on his twitter page

 Justin's post on social media 

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