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The real reason why Mischa Barton is accused of being complicated on the set of The O.C.

Mischa Barton accused of being a ‘nightmare’ on the set of ‘The O.C.’ Learn the reason why!

Mischa Barton was a mess in The O.C set
Mischa Barton was a mess in The O.C set

After Mischa Barton claimed she was bullied on the set of ‘The O.C.’, a source told Page Six the crew was frustrated that the actress would constantly “show up late” for filming. “So now she wants to go say that she was bullied,” the source continued. “It wasn’t that she was bullied. People didn’t appreciate waiting for hours for her to show up.”

The source also added that Mischa Barton — who played Marissa Cooper until she exited the series in Season 3 — had a momager who was “annoying.” “It was a mess,” the source also sniffed.

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The 35 year-old actress told E! in April that “bullying” by “some of the men on set” left her feeling “really s–tty” and was, in part, why she decided to leave the series. Her former co-stars, Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke, denied the actress’ claims on Tuesday’s episode of their podcast, “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!”

“You know Melinda and I were talking immediately after [the interview] came out. And we were just like, ‘Wait, what?'” said Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts on the series. She added that she and Clarke chose to speak about their feelings in hopes that Barton may want to come on the show and share her perspective and what she experienced.

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