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The reason no actor wants to work with former Grey's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl

Although she is a true star, there are situations that make her unloved.

Katherine Heigl.
Katherine Heigl.

Hollywood is not an easy environment and many times, the desire to stand out leads the chords to want to pass over each other. This seems to be the case with former Greys Anatomy Katherine Heigl, who has been blacklisted by many of her colleagues for her somewhat particular attitudes. 

 When she entered the medium she was quickly cataloged as a fresh air in the scene and little by little, she was playing very important roles. Izzie Stevens, without going any further, quickly became one of the favorite characters of those who followed the series about doctors. But that was not all, since he won an Emmy and even charged more than ten million euros for starring in romantic films.  

When the public was completely fascinated, the problems began and not only for boycotting several of the productions in which he was part but for his continuous demands. Presidential suites in the best hotels, privileged and outstanding treatment of his mother, in addition to the possibility of approving the supporting actors and rewriting the script were commonplace. 

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But what bothered him most about all his behavior is that his mother was involved at all times by being his manager. In addition, as if that were not enough, the insults on the part of the actress towards her colleagues made them explode and catalog her among the most unbearable stars to star in a film. 

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