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The reason they say Madonna and Sean Penn's love was one of the most toxic

The singer and the actor lived a true hell together.


To this day, Madonna's environment affirms that Sean Penn was the true love of her life and that there was no one who has made her feel so passionate. However, the fire that they knew they generated, ended up consuming them until they disappeared. The singer was in charge of putting an end to the relationship and with that decision her heart left.

From 1984 to 1989 they were together and were one, but at some point they stopped being happy and after being married for 27 months, the creator of La Isla Bonita decided to break up and ask for a divorce. Since then, he did not want to know more about his name and dedicated himself to recovering the life he had lost while they were together.

Even so in those years, Madonna knew how to create her best songs and even called her album True Love, which refers to true, sentimental love and reflected what she felt for Sean Penn. But while the fame of the artist believed, her heart deteriorated because of the attitudes of her partner and that were already impossible to tolerate.

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In the first instance, Sean Penn was always unruly and never gave in his behavior in pursuit of a good bond. In addition, his suffocating jealousy and his problems with alcohol were deteriorating the bond. To this day Madonna I remember him and she knows that it was a mistake regarding the relationship, but her best inspiration for the growth of her career. 

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Video taken from the LA News Archive channel.

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