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The tragic story of Marilyn Monroe

Discover here the shocking truth behind t Marilyn Monroe’s secret life!

The real story about Marilyn Monroe
The real story about Marilyn Monroe

For many, Marilyn Monroe, who if still alive today would be 90, as she was born on June 1, 1926, will always be the girl on the sidewalk grating; her skirt blowing up around her waist. For others she is the woman breathily singing her way through Happy Birthday for President John F Kennedy.

In reality, however, she was neither. In fact it could be said that Marilyn Monroe wasn’t even a real person; she was a fascinating character created by Norma Jeane Baker, the little girl who dreamed of becoming a movie star.

In her childhood she was abandoned by her parents, she went through many orphanages and families that were not good to her, so she got married to be saved. But that wouldn't last long. In 1946, Norma Jean made four changes that would make her a legend.

The first, to dye blonde. The second, to be called Marilyn Monroe (Monroe was the last name of her grandmother). The third, getting Harry Lipton to become her agent. And last, she went to Las Vegas to get a divorce from Jim Dougherty, who had been her husband for four years. She was determined to be famous.

Marilyn Monroe's iconic movie scene

At the age of 20, divorced, with a new look and name, she received her first role in Hollywood, but the road to fame would not be easy. It wasn’t until 1952 that she would get her first leading role. From there, she starred in many movies, and she finally became an icon.

But between her pain due to her endometriosis and her troubled emotional life after several divorces and affairs, the actress' health began to deteriorate by 1960, just after signing a seven-film deal with 20th Century Fox. Drugs and alcohol became his daily diet to help him fall asleep and concentrate.

During the night of August 4/5, 1962, Marilyn was found dead; the victim of an apparent overdose. Many theories have been brought forward over the years as to why or how Marilyn died. Some say it was because of her involvement with the President of the United States, though this has never been proved.

The truth is that we will never know how Marilyn Monroe passed away. She took her secrets to the grave, and any stories of her death that have come and gone through the years can only be speculative at best.

Marilyn Monroe

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