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This is how Kim Kardashian reacted to Maluma's romantic gifts

Maluma sends expensive and thoughtful gifts to Kim Kardashian, discover here how she reacted!

Kim Kardashian reacts to Maluma's gifts
Kim Kardashian reacts to Maluma's gifts

Since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce was officially confirmed last February, many men have tried to conquer the celebrity by giving her expensive gifts or sending her messages through social media to make their interest clear.

A few months ago there was speculation that Maluma was one of them after they had an encounter at a party in Miami and posed together for a couple of photographs that both later shared on Instagram. 

Maluma and Kim Kardashian in Miami

The story did not go any further because not long after the Colombian, who is 'officially' still single, was seen with a mysterious woman. But now Kim Kardashian, 40, has revealed the gifts that the 27 year-old singer recently sent her.

Maluma has opted for a more personal approach, in which the sentimental value outweighs the material, handing him the vinyl version of his latest album '7DJ', a vintage Crosley record player. Love is in the air?

Kim Kardashian

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