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This is the man who would have conquered selena Gomez's heart

The singer would be having an incipient relationship with a Hollywood star.

Selena Gomez.
Selena Gomez.

Until yesterday neither of the two followed each other, however, from one moment to the next they began to do it and their fans, who do not let a single detail escape, could perceive it. For this reason, they trended them on Twitter indicating that it is very likely that they are together or, at least, they are starting something.  

The 29-year-old singer and the 40-year-old actor already have a pretty eye-catching story. Some time ago, Selena Gomez had confessed that she was in love with the man who put herself in the shoes of Captain America, so when they saw that this unexpected activity had occurred in their official networks, they did not overlook the situation.  

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At the moment, there is no reliable evidence that there is any kind of relationship between them and for the moment, it could be limited to a virtual flirtation. However, the illusion that they are together, united and starting a relationship is getting stronger and stronger. Will there be a chance that this link will prosper? 

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