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This is the routine that Jennifer Anniston applies to have a dream body at 50

The former protagonist of Friends is one of the most desired women thanks to this diet.

Jennifer Aniston.
Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston responds to the parameters of the ordinary woman who dazzles with her simple but captivating beauty. It is not too tall, nor too low, it has curves and a splendid figure that it maintains at 50 years old. However, the most striking fact of all is that he never went through the operating room and that is doubly valid.  

It is for this reason that he has often been consulted about the strategies he applies to remain splendid. In the case of other celebrities, they all agree on the same thing: drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and sleeping the necessary hours, however, Brad Pitt's ex does not hide behind these phrases and still weighs the idea of making miraculous diets.  

In his case, he argues again and again that it is very necessary to demystify the idea that bodies should be toned. In his case, he enjoys what nature and genetics have given him, in addition to doing a physical activity without too many turns. For example, every day practice an exercise called "15-15-15", that is, 15 minutes each divided between elliptical, running and spinning, the latter to strengthen especially the legs and buttocks.   

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Aware that she is a highly respected star and that the eyes of the world are on her, Jennifer Aniston knows that she must take care of herself and that is why she also complements with boxing and yoga. The latter is the key to staying on her feet since she understands that it is essential to be kind to herself and transmit that same thing to those who support her, because otherwise, she could not withstand so much exposure.    

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