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Tiger Woods: Finally reveals if he will be able to play golf again or not

The 45-year-old golf star doesn’t know if he will ever play golf again following the traumatic accident. Learn more here!

Tiger Woods opens about his health
Tiger Woods opens about his health

Tiger Woods is opening up about his rehab process, admitting that this has been more painful than anything he has ever experienced, following the traumatic car crash that almost claimed his life.

The golf star spent a month in the hospital and suffered a series of injuries that required several surgeries and a long rehabilitation process, with many of his fans and friends showing support every step of the way.

His car after the crush

Now Tiger Woods is confessing he is not sure if he will ever play professional golf again, explaining that although he understands “more of the rehab processes” because of his past injuries, this was more painful and “has been an entire different animal.”

The 45-year-old sportsman is focused on regaining strength on his right leg, which suffered the most after he lost control of his vehicle on February 23 near Rancho Palos Verdes, in California.

Tiger Woods

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