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Travis Barker: Reveals plane crash served as rehab to kick his opioid addiction

Travis Barker’s plane crash served as “rehab” to help him kick his prescription drug addiction. Find out more here!

Travis Barker opens up about the plane crush
Travis Barker opens up about the plane crush

In a new interview, Travis Barker detailed his recovery from the 2008 crash— which killed close friends Chris Baker, Charles “Che” Still and the two pilots—and said it forced him to stop abusing opioids.

“People are always like, ‘Did you go to rehab?’ ” Travis Barker told Men’s Health. “And I [say], ‘No, I was in a plane crash.’ That was my rehab. Lose three of your friends and almost die? That was my wake-up call. If I wasn’t in a crash, I would have probably never quit.”

The plane after the terrible crush

The 45-year old Blink-182 drummer said he smoked an “excessive amount of weed” prior to the crash and abused painkillers so much as a method of coping with his fear of flying that he developed osteoporosis.

While in the hospital for 11 weeks following the crash, Travis Barker frequently “came to” during surgeries because his opioid tolerance was so high. Upon his release, he flushed everything down the toilet, “including stuff that I really needed.”

Travis Barker

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