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Twilight's Taylor Lautner took another step in her personal life

The actor of the movie Twilight made the biggest love proposal to Tay Dome.

Taylor Lautner.
Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner, the renowned actor of the film Twilight (2010) for his role as Jacob Black, surprised his fans and the public scene with excellent news: he proposed to his partner Tay Dome. Both were happy on their social networks for the new path they now travel. 

At 29, Taylor Lautner felt confident, confident and loving to take this important step in her life with Tay Dome. So the international press echoed this good news, almost to end this year 2021 with relevant events within the show. 

Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome have a courtship of more than 3 years. However, they were slow to confirm their romance in public. Well, both wanted to avoid media pressure, at least while carrying the first moments as a couple. Now, the media view does not depart from these young people who have reached the peak of popularity. 

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Despite the uproar on the public scene, neither Taylor Lautner nor Tay Dome gave any further revelations about when or where the union will be. The truth is that fans are excited about this news that marks a new stage in the career of the actor and the model, who took his steps in fame thanks to the film Twilight.  

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Video taken from NBC 26.

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