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Vanessa Hudgens: Shows off her new and tiny tattoos she got visiting New York City with a very famous tattooer

The 32-year-old High School Musical star has lots of tattoos. Discover them here!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her new tattoos
Vanessa Hudgens shows off her new tattoos

Vanessa Hudgens is always blessing us with fun photos on her Instagram feed and now she’s showing off her latest body ink after visiting acclaimed tattoo artist Mr. K to get a few dainty tattoos.

The ‘High School Musical’ actress recently visited New York City, as she posted a mirror selfie of her wearing an adorable black mini dress and Mr. K indicating she added a few more tattoos to the ones she already has.

Vanessa Hudgens' post with Mr. K.

Vanessa Hudgens captioned her photo of her and Mr.K, “@mr.k_tattoo did his thing once again ������������.” The 32-year-old showed off the tiny heart that she got on her left index finger as well as a cross on top of a steeple on her right middle finger.

In addition to those two dainty tattoos, the actress also got the number 22 on her forearm and a tiny star on her right ear. It’s unknown what the number 22 means to Hudgens but maybe it has something to do with her boyfriend of several months, baseball player Cole Tucker?

Vanessa Hudgens

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