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Why Beyoncé's last vacation was listed as one of the most

The artist and her husband gave each other some tastes that transcended all limits.


Beyoncé is an icon of music and also of female empowerment, for this reason, she is in the ranking of the singers with the most money in her bank account surpassing by a wide margin her colleagues in the genre. All this was clearly evidenced by the expenses he incurred on his last vacation. 

Just a few weeks ago, the star rented a super yacht to spend a few days alone and rekindle the fire of passion, with her husband, rapper Jay-Z. As their main destination they chose the coasts of the Mediterranean, although they also walked through nearby areas flaunting their millionaire income.

The boat chosen was a Flying Fox, a yacht of almost 140 meters in length valued at 400 million dollars. To be able to access it, those interested must deposit nothing more and nothing less, than 4 million dollars per week; a number that was not difficult to pay for the singer Beyoncé and the rapper.  

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Among other attractions that the yacht has, are: 5 terraces that have movie theaters, a nightclub, a two-story spa and an underwater gym. In addition, to have an unbeatable view of the sea and the surrounding landscapes, there can be an infinity pool of 12 meters with capacity for more than 20 people. Actually, it can be said that Beyoncé enjoys every second of her fame and also the money it provides her.

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Video tomado del canal Luxury and wealthy watcher Timnovotny.

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