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Why Taylor Swift never acted in a movie again after "Cats" disaster

Guess Taylor Swift is giving Hollywood another chance after 'Cats' disaster. Learn more here!

Taylor Swift gives cinema another chance after 'Cats'
Taylor Swift gives cinema another chance after 'Cats'

Although Taylor Swift has never officially tried to start a parallel career in the world of cinema, as her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles has done, over the years the 31 year-old singer has had small roles in different films.

The last of them was in the controversial adaptation of the musical 'Cats', which garnered very negative reactions from both the public and the critics. This could be the reason she stepped back from the movies for a while.

Taylor Swift in Cats

But now it has been confirmed that she will return to the big screen by the hand of the acclaimed director David O. Russell. According to The Hollywood Reporter the film's production has already concluded and Taylor Swift is part of a great cast.

Luckily, the generalized poor reception that her last film received, in which above all the critics she was applauded for the seriousness with which she took the weird mission of giving life to an anthropomorphic cat with a human face, has not taken away her desire to act!

Taylor Swift

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