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Will Smith: The expensive gifts he gave his twin siblings for their 50th birthday

When your big brother’s Will Smith, you’re always going to have the best birthday! The ‘Aladdin’ star posted a sweet tribute to his ‘little’ bro and sis on their big 50th and showered them with gifts! Check them out here!

Will Smith gave his twin siblings the best gifts for their birthday
Will Smith gave his twin siblings the best gifts for their birthday

We’re used to seeing the adventures of Will Smith and his wife and kids. But his siblings? That’s a rarity. The Fresh Prince star, 52, celebrated his younger twin brother and sister Ellen and Harry’s 50th birthday on Instagram with a sweet family photo.

“My little brother & sister are 50 today! Damn,” Will Smith wrote as the caption on the May 5 post. The cute photo shows all of the Smith siblings — Harry, Will, Ellen, Ashley, and Pam — posing together happily with their arms around each other.

Will Smith shared a family picture to wish his twin siblings a happy birthday

Will Smith drew arrows on the photo pointed to Harry and Ellen and wrote, “Happy birthday, Jokas!” And this wasn’t the only way he paid tribute to his beloved twin siblings. He showered them with gifts, duh.

Ellen posted a video from her birthday celebration that Will Smith arranged that showed a beautiful cake and multiple stunning flower arrangements. As for Harry? The actor gave him a little surprise, so he could partied aboard a luxury yacht in Dubai!

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