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Witnesses say Bad Bunny's fan who threw cell phone will take legal action

By Lucía Murphy

Witnesses say Bad Bunny's fan who threw cell phone will take legal action

They assure that after the incident they will take legal action.

Earlier this year Bad Bunny was the protagonist of a controversy, when he was walking with his girlfriend and his team in the Dominican Republic a fan approached him to take a picture, an act that the artist did not like at all, because he considers that if they put a cell phone in front of his face is a lack of respect which he says he will not tolerate.

After the incident hundreds of fans came out to scold the artist, to say that this is what he eats, that it was a very rude act and other fans came out to give him the reason arguing that he did the right thing, also many artists defended him and many others to claim.





They assure that the cell phone was recovered and that it did not fall into the water, and that the fan is fine with her phone.

A witness named Aquiles revealed that the affected is in the process of meeting with her lawyers and that she is depressed by the situation, a situation that no one imagined that for wanting to take a picture of you they would throw your cell phone without warning.

"She plans, at the suggestion of her family, to take only legal action for a public apology. I don't think it will go any further than that. But, yes they are on that," he said. "I have audios from people close to her who have told me that she is depressed and doesn't want to leave her room."

Aquiles said he was present at the time of the incident, "That night I was having dinner at the Marina in Casa de Campo. Bad Bunny was in a private area, like a private terrace. In fact, they had glass doors and security. It was a group of six or seven people. I was at the table next to the door," said the Dominican.


Bad Bunny responds to the situation

For his part Bad Bunny expressed on Twitter: "The person who approaches me to greet me, to tell me something, or just to know me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come to put a coaching brochure in my face I will consider it as what it is, a lack of respect and I will treat them the same way".