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Zac Efron: Plastic surgery rumors spread on Twitter over his new face

What's happened to his face? Zac Efron trends on Twitter as he sparks plastic surgery rumors with 'new look.' Check out how he looks now!

Zac Efron sparks plastic surgery rumors
Zac Efron sparks plastic surgery rumors

Zac Efron found himself to be a trending Twitter topic on Friday, after he sparked plastic surgery rumors when revealing a supposedly new appearance that has set social media abuzz over his 'new face.' 

The 33-year-old former Disney child star Zac Efron prompted alarm when he appeared looking noticeably different while taking part in Earth Day! The Musical via Facebook on Thursday. 

Zac Efron then and now

Zac Efron's part in the clip came at the 1:50 mark where he began to call organizer Bill Nye a 'genius' for the event, but fans were perhaps too distracted by his changing looks to listen to what the High School Musical star had to say. 

There is no suggestion that Zac Efron has gone under the knife, but the known fitness fanatic, who has been through a few body transformations in his career, certainly got fans talking. Fans genuinely appeared to be surprised by seeing Zac with what appeared to be a more squared out jawline, and puffiness around his face.

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