2021 Emmy Awards: Kaley Cuoco, of the celebrities who shone on the red carpet for her costume

This Sunday, September 19, one of the most anticipated ceremonies after the isolation was held.

Kaley Cuoco.
Kaley Cuoco.

This Sunday, September 19, one of the most anticipated ceremonies of the Hollywood industry was held: the 2021 Emmys Awards. It was the 75th that came after a long wait, after overcoming isolation last year. But the evening exceeded expectations under a shower of stars that shone with their own light. 

The 75th edition of the Emmys Awards was held in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. On this occasion, a capacity of 600 people was arranged outdoors so that they could attend the event safely and in compliance with preventive protocols. However, artists such as Jennifer Aniston did not come to reduce the risks. 

Others who decided to steal the looks and walk steadily on the red carpet of the 2021 Emmy Awards was actress Kaley Cuoco. That night she dazzled with a yellow dress with a fresh, novel and simple design that conquered the eyes of those present. Others who took the applause were Kathryn Hahn, Gillian Anderson, Olivia Colman and Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Without a doubt, it was an important ceremony for Kaley Cuoco and her artistic career. It is worth remembering that thanks to her role as Penny Hofstadter in the famous series The Big Bang Theory. Her character works as a innaughter for Cheesecake Factory and falls in love with a scientist, Leonard Hofstadter who is also her neighbor.

Video taken from the Twins Tv channel.

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