The real reason Kim Kardashian appeared with Danna at New York Fashion Week

Por Lucía Murphy

11/09/2022, 04:25 PM

The real reason Kim Kardashian appeared with Danna at New York Fashion Week

The socialite appeared next to Danna Paola on the singer's Instagram account

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Danna Paola and Kim Kardashian attended New York Fashion Week to enjoy the Fendi parade, an Italian fashion house for which the mexican singer and model has been an ambassador for a year, which is why she ended up appearing with the 41-year-old socialite on a picture she posted on her Instagram yesterday.

The photograph was uploaded by Danna Paola to her Instagram account, alongside other five pictures taken at the event, incluiding one with Sarah Jessica Parker. The post entitled “What a noche loca” has already 1,142,488 likes and thousands of comments by her fans amazed to see her idol alongside such company.

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In the images that the interpreter of “XT4S1S” shared, she tagged both Kim Kardashian and the actress of “Sex and the City”, none of which has left a coment nor followed her yet. It is possible that it will not happen, however, Danna Paola is having a breakthrough moment as an artist for sure, and we are here for it.

Recently, she sold out her first two main stages for her national coming tour “XT4S1S”, her first one after the COVID-19 emergency. dates sold out are November 11th in Guadalajara, and November 16th in Mexico city. Also, she announced new dates opened for 2023 around the country, including Morelia, Torreón and Tijuana.

The Fendi parade was a night of celebrities 

In addition to Kim Kardashian and Danna Paola, the parade was attended by several celebrities such as actress Natalia Dyer, from Stranger Things, Maude Apatow, and the cast of Gossip Girl Evan Mock and Jordan Alexander. As cherry on top, the model Linda Evangelista appeared on the catwalk after 25 years of absence.